PIWS-3000 Mobile/Fixed

piws-3000-fixed-site-labledPositive Impact Waste Solutions manufactures its PIWS-3000 large unit as either a mobile unit or a fixed-site unit. Both units use the same patented two chamber grinding technology that process over 2,000 lbs per hour or over 8.0 million lbs of waste per year. PIWS’s EPA-approved dry chemical, Cold-SterĀ® is used to disinfect the waste. The PIWS-3000 Mobile/Fixed has an on-board computer interface that monitors the entire process. The feed hopper captures the net weight of each load and the computer identifies all pertinent information. The proper amount of Cold-SterĀ® is added dallas-unit-3to the waste to be processed and is mixed while the waste is ground in the two stage grinding process (See the PIWS-3000 Technology page for additional information). The regulated medical waste is ground and mixed throughout the process and the processed material is augered out of the system into a general trash receptacle. The processing of the PIWS-3000 unit reduces the original volume of the material by over 70%processed-waste-labeled and renders the waste unuseable and unrecognizable. The treated material is augered over a pH probe that continously monitors the processed waste for the regulatory required pH.


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